Why Use a Web Presenter For Your Site?

There are over 1,733,000,000 Internet users around the globe and over 235 million searches done on Google a day. The Internet has become rich pickings for companies wishing to market there products, services or ideas to a global audience. With so many businesses now online, it is a critical decision for the company, to be first found, and second to keep the user on the site long enough to capture there attention and get them to carry out a call to action, whether that be buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, or join a forum.

One of the most influential ways to capture a user, is through video and especially a web presenter. It has been proven that visitors to a website, normally have a very short attention span. Seven seconds to be exact. This means the website owner, has seven seconds to captivate there audience before they leave, or worse leave and purchase from a competitor. By the use of video on a site, the customer is naturally drawn to the image, and will pick up more than 30% more information than if they just read just content on a site.

Web Presenters Capture The Attention

One way to capture the customer is by the use of a walk on web presenter. Walk on web presenters are usually professional actors/actresses or for a special touch some webmaster will take the role of web presenter themselves. Usually all that is needed is for the web presenter to walk on from either the left or right hand of the screen and deliver a short welcome message and brief introduction of the site pointing out the key features.

Web Presenter Video Tour

Another idea is to use video as a marketing tool for a companies products and services. This can be either in the form of a direct advert about the company offering a walk through of the store, interviewing staff members and even the owner of the business or a instructional/how-to-video solving an every day problem, for example changing a car battery. This engages the user without it feeling like there forced into a sale.

This can be seen as a daunting and difficult task for the business owner, but it need not be. A video production company can outline the steps needed to product a successful video, and help with scripting, editing, filming, casting and more. Some will even distribute your video content.

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