Video Marketing: The Elements of an Affective Video Presentation for Your Network Marketing Business

If you are reading this article, you probably already know that video marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your websites, to build relationships with thousands of people almost automatically, and to brand yourself as a valuable leader to potential prospects. The question is how should you structure a video that will best accomplish these goals? While there are many opinions on the elements of an effective video marketing presentation, here are a few things that you definitely want to keep in mind:

  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Do not make videos that are longer than 5 minutes long. The goal of the video is to attract prospects, but most people will not sit and watch a long video presentation, so make sure you stay on the topic and get to the point.
  • Give KILLER content: Make sure you deliver great information on in your messages, and be enthusiastic in your delivery so that the video is interesting and entertaining. The KEY to giving content is showing that even though what you covered is valuable and useful, every answer leads to more questions. For example, if you make a video about funded proposal marketing, even if you explain exactly what funded proposal marketing entails, there is still the question of how do I set up the necessary elements such as capture pages and auto-responders that will make the funded proposal marketing system work. Leave the viewer with additional questions. That’s a good thing.
  • Tell the viewer how to get additional answers: As I said, leaving the viewers with questions is a very good thing. This is because it gives you an opportunity to tell them that they can get additional answers by visiting your website for FREE information. Get it? It is the viewer’s desire to get additional information about a specific business or marketing topic that drives them to your website from your marketing presentation. In this way, you turn these viewers into TARGETED leads for your business, which is obviously very important.

So now you know the basic blueprint to use in order to structure your marketing videos. What are you waiting for? Get started, the more videos that you make and post online, the more traffic and exposure you will gain. Good luck in your marketing, and I wish you much success in your business.

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