The KEYS To Effective Negotiating

Amongst all the activities that each us partake in on a daily basis, two things that everyone does nearly every day that will generally determine how effective and successful we inevitably will be, are sales/ selling and negotiating. These two things are intricately associated because everyone sells either themselves, a product or a service, and nearly every significant discussion begins with some sort of negotiations. It is important, therefore, to look more deeply and examine what negotiating is all about and how to do so better, so the purpose of this article is to review the basics and essentials, and thus to mnemonically look at the KEYS to effective negotiating.

1. Exemplary negotiating skills begin with a professionally trained and developed negotiator that possesses a keen insight into both the needs of the group he represents, as well as those priorities and needs held by his negotiating counterpart. One must know what his objective and priorities are, and must be able and willing to properly use this knowledge to its best advantage. The best negotiator understands the necessity of keeping things in perspective, and under control, rather than over – reacting to every up and down during the process. Knowing the deal – breakers and prioritizing these, invariably brings about the best results!

2. Unless a negotiator begins by earning the respect of the person across the table, by clearly demonstrated his integrity, as well as empathy, he limits his potential to maximize the communication process, and better discuss the needs, priorities, and alternatives. Demonstrating that one is discussing in good faith will create an atmosphere of working together towards a win – win philosophy. Focus on the priority of enriching both sides through the agreement, so that you can work together, rather than as adversaries.

3. Don’t get caught up in the easy traps of focusing on yesterday, but rather look more deeply at how you can best understand, know and communicate your needs and what you want and seek.

4. Great negotiating only occurs when it is approached in a professional and prepared manner. Therefore, create and develop a step – by – step system, so that you can achieve your desired results. Consider the contingencies, and have backup plans. Remain sincere throughout the process, and never come off as if you are begging, but rather realize that there is a need to demonstrate your proficiency on an ongoing basis by learning how to, and then proceeding to negotiate from strength.

The better the negotiations, the better the chance for meaningful success and achievement. Understanding nd using these KEYS is a good first step!

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