The Applications of PowerPoint Presentation Compression

PowerPoint presentations can be informative and eye-catching, conveying information in a unique and memorable way. Unfortunately, most PowerPoint presentations are also very large files that can cause major sending, storage and bandwidth issues.

PowerPoint compression tools offer a way to more easily distribute large PowerPoint presentations without sacrificing image quality or content. But in how many ways can a compressed PowerPoint presentation be used? Consider that most offices in every industry use the Microsoft Windows operating systems as an integral part of their day-to-day operations. The Windows operating system package includes Microsoft Office, of which PowerPoint is a part. PowerPoint is most commonly used to create presentations which introduce a new product, explain a company’s method or spark a brainstorming session.

Shortly after 1997 when the internet went mainstream, many companies adopted an online presence with the goal of reaching all corners of the world. Learning institutes are a good example, as online courses became the norm. Today, instructors can upload their course overviews, assignments and more to their institute’s web site for eager students to download and browse from the comfort of home.

Healthcare has also benefited from the advent of the internet. A PowerPoint presentation can be emailed and shared with doctors worldwide. Because they are of such small size, compressed PowerPoint presentations can be shared quickly. This can increase the efficiency of diagnoses; improve the clarity of communication, and alert physicians about newly-discovered illnesses or symptoms.

Compressed PowerPoint presentations allow Retail corporations to communicate with offices in distant cities, making the synchronized release of a product seemingly instantaneous. When a new idea for an existing product is discovered, all company teams benefit from the quick downloading of information, whether they receive it on a PC, mobile phone or PDA. Military organizations serving in countries overseas often have internet connections that are slow and/or unreliable.

Compressed PowerPoint presentations can ensure that the information they need, such as maps, vital statistics or a secure location can be transferred quickly and easily. This provides troops with the time they need to locate specific landmarks, learn about their surroundings or safely depart from an area.

Government agencies can also make use of compressed PowerPoint presentations. Building plans, team restructuring, crucial election information – all can be placed in clear, easy-to-read presentations and compressed for the timely transfer of information. Almost every public and commercial sector today can be found using PowerPoint to communicate important information that, 10 years ago had to be delivered by regular mail. Today’s PowerPoint compression technology can save a company time, energy, space and money. How will you use it to your benefit?

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