5 Ways to Become an Effective Virtual Presenter

Close More Sales On The Spot

Would you like to know exactly how to win virtually – giving effective presentations and closing more sales?

Imagine for a moment, the thrill of success when close more sales on the spot in your online presentations.

Think of the rewards including:
- The bonus paycheck you so deserve
- Public praise from your boss
- Recognition from your team

With skills training you’ll know precisely how to close more sales.

Recently, I worked with a highly experienced sales team. They were smart people, experts in their field. But their boss was never satisfied. He was constantly breathing down their necks. And it seemed as if when they hit one target, he only demanded more and more.

Just to give you a taste:

These folks were giving both virtual presentations and in-person pitches. But the boss insisted on raising the bar.

The new standard: 10 virtual presentations per week. Plus a radical increase in closings during the early meetings.

Huge change. Most of the folks were nervous. They were used to giving face-to-face pitches and consultations. They didn’t know if they had the right presentation skills to succeed in an all-virtual world.

Whether you are giving sales presentations in person, virtually or a combination, here a few tips I shared with this team. It helped them get top results and it will help you too:

Tip 1: Identify The Most Important Issues
Focus on the needs your clients are most concerned about. Look to their most pressing, urgent needs and hot issues.

To do this you must put your boss, your desired bonus and your organization’s timeline to the side. Focus only on your client’s needs and you’ll have a recipe for success.

Tip 2: Speak With Passion
Choose dynamic words and speak with enthusiasm. It’s very important to let your customer know how much you care about them and their issues. Share your excitement about how they will benefit from your products and solutions.

Tip 3: Captivate Every Crowd
Tell fascinating and relevant stories. Show colorful photos to illustrate value with pictures. Engage your audience with whiteboard sketches to solve problems, share ideas and get participants involved.

If you are using PowerPoint or Keynote slides, design with care. Simplify your message so every slide is focused and clear. Pay special attention to visuals so your slide has a powerful impact.

By focusing on whiteboard interaction plus slide impact, you will radically boost results. No matter what your topic, this is a mark of highly effective presentation skills.

Tip 4: Show the Facts to Win Results
Many people make buying decisions based on a combination of technical insights, facts and data.

No matter how complex your topic, simplify the statistics so you can communicate to your audience. People connect with simple stories much more than tons of statistical information. Show the facts – and keep the story simple.

Tip 5: Invite and Encourage Question and Answer Sessions
In both face-to-face sales pitches and virtual meetings, invite questions. Do this before, during and after your presentation. Audiences love to contribute questions, share issues and tell you what’s on their minds.

By encouraging questions, you’re getting a head-start to success. That’s why lively exchanges are the most effective kind of presentations.

Whether you are seeking to win customers to get your boss’s recognition, a bigger paycheck, or to achieve sales targets in your organization’s strategy, using these 5-tips it’s easier to close sales on the spot.

Use this 5-part system to simplify presenting. When you give engage participants with a lively exchange, you’ll see how easy it is to attract new customers.

By creating a compelling presentation, your customer knows one thing: working with you is their best choice!

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