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Would You Like References With That Resume? How to Present References in the Job Search Process

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Many people will include references on their resume. They’re usually listed at the bottom of the page, or on a separate sheet included with the resume. While people that do this may think it adds credibility to their job search, it really doesn’t. Unless you are looking for a domestic position where references are expected with the initial contact, you should save that information for later in the interview process.

Employers seeking someone to fill a position will almost never contact a listed reference before speaking with the job candidate in person at a job interview. They will only want to verify their opinion that you are a good candidate for the job after the interview.

The usual way to present your references is on a separate sheet of paper at the end of the first interview. Have several copies in case you are interviewed by more than one person. On this sheet you should include your contact information at the top, just like on your resume. Then list three or four references.

You can use this format:

Reference Name
Company Address
Phone Number
Email address (optional)
Remember, only three or four, and make sure at least two of them are business references. You can also indicate if any of the references should be contacted at times other than regular business hours. It should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that the people you include should be aware that you are including them on your reference sheet.

One additional note: some people will include a line on their resume stating that references are available upon request. Although that line is not necessary, it’s won’t hurt anything to have it there, so it’s really your preference.

So, take the references off of your resume and put them where they belong; on your Reference Sheet. It’s a much more professional presentation.

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The Power of Presentation

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More than dressing the part, you need to act the part. A huge part of the first impression you make is made before you open your mouth. In fact, it’s probably made no later than when you have crossed the office and shaken the hand of the person you are meeting – and very possibly long before that. It’s the result of the non-verbal communication that we all send and receive at a very visceral level.

Your presentation is in the way you hold your body, the way you walk, and especially the way you shake hands – it is using your whole physical being to express yourself and goes a long way to building your credibility. Without presence there is no credibility.

For success in the job search process you need to carry yourself like a successful professional person. The right “presence” can make up for a mistake in dress or other faux pas. Observe yourself. Are you confident and controlled? Those qualities present a strong presence while sharp, fast movements reflect nervousness and insecurity. Match your movements to your words to convey mastery of the subject. Less movement can sometimes be more. Don’t be wooden but do behave in a calm, in-control way. And do what feels right to you, regardless whether it works for other people.

For many decades now we have known the power of body language and a simple guide to some of the most common signals we send with our bodies is probably appropriate here.

· A brisk, erect walk is indicative of confidence.
· Walking with shoulders hunched indicates dejection or lack of confidence.
· An open palm indicates sincerity and openness.
· Arms crossed on chest, especially if combined with crossed legs, indicates defensiveness.
· Sitting with legs crossed indicates boredom or being closed.
· Sitting with legs separated indicates open or relaxed.
· Sitting with legs crossed, hands clasped behind head indicates superiority and arrogance.
· Tilted head indicates interest.
· A hand on the cheek indicates thinking or evaluating.
· Rubbing the nose indicates doubt.
· Patting hair or touching the face indicates insecurity.
· Stroking the chin indicates attempting to make a decision.
· Tugging at an ear indicates indecision.

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Why Having a Theft Attorney Present is a Good Thing

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As the name implies, a theft attorney is an expert in cases when a person has been charged by a law enforcement agency for committing theft. If you (or someone you know) have been charged with this sort of crime, then it would be in your best interest to hire the services of such an attorney.

Officers of the law have a large support staff to help gather evidence. It is practically impossible for any individual without the education in such matters to properly defend themselves against such A well-prepared resource. All the more reason to hire an attorney who specializes in this area of the law.

Regardless if the case against you is a misdemeanor or a felony, you will need protection from the sheer volume of documentation and interviews that the local law officials will send your way. From the police officers to the detectives to the prosecutors, they are searching for evidence to make a case against you if that evidence proves you did it. This does not mean that your case has been pre-determined. Rather, it is simply their job to gather up all the pieces of evidence together so that justice has been served. This is why it is so important for you to get the best help as soon as possible.

Upon the first indications of you becoming a suspect, you have the right to have a theft attorney present before any questioning is conducted. All law enforcement officials are aware of this, but there may be an occasion when they will continue to talk with you in the hope of engaging you, hoping you will reveal incriminating evidence. Once you have requested an attorney, they cannot ask you any questions involving your case, but talking to you is still within their legal purview. Being cooperative is important, but it is still appropriate to have legal representation present before making an official statement just to make certain procedure is followed and your rights are protected.

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Presents For Women – Personalized Handbags

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Aside from jewelry, another great choice for a present for a woman is a personalized handbag. Handbags are becoming a women’s best friend, since they often get carried and have always been a good company wherever they may go. Today, there are so many variety of handbags to choose from. So, if you opt to give a personalized purse as a gift, an endless selection awaits you.

A good choice of handbag, as a gift, need not only physically beautiful, but versatile enough to complement your recipient’s outfits as well. This accessory can make or break a look, but if chosen with care, it would surely be a winner!

One of the most trendy ideas today are personalized handbags. These items made with a personal touch come can be anything, from totes; clutches; evening bags; travel bags; cosmetic bags to even diaper bags. Perfect for any “she” recipient, a personalized purse makes a wonderful remembrance of love, friendship, thanks and gratitude. You can have a personalized gift of bag presented during birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduation or even just a simple appreciation day.

Personalized tote bags. You can find these kind of purses widely available in different designs, styles, materials and brands, and some of them are available for personalization. Totes are perfect for working moms, business women and students. What makes them perfect is that they can be from medium to large sizes. Leather tote bags are perhaps the most favorite choice of women. Find a leather tote that is of good quality and with numerous pockets that can accommodate other small baubles of your recipient.

Personalized travel bags are perfect for women on the go. Is she a traveler or always have business trips? If yes, then a personalized luggage can make a fantastic gift for her. Travel bags are often large in size, enough to accommodate multiple necessary belongings while away from home. They usually have compartments and pockets to keep other items separately. Choose a travel bag that can be personalized with your recipient’s embroidered name or initial.

Personalized cosmetic bags. What excellent gift could you give to make her grooming accessories ready to travel other than a personalized cosmetic bag? You can find a wide variety of cosmetic bags available today, plus you can have the chance to have your recipient’s embroidered name or initials be added onto the bag. Cosmetic bags are designed to accommodate grooming items, which are basically the needs of women.

Many local stores carry different handbags. However, many opt to shop online for there is a much wider selection awaits savvy consumers. Also, what makes these online savvy very interested with online shopping is that they can find so many great deals of handbags that they hardly find at local shops. So, if you are on a tight budget, online shopping is a great shopping option for you. Thousands of online specialty stores that specializes on handbags are offering personalized choices, from personalized totes, travel bags, evening purses, backpacks, cosmetic bags to etc.

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Talking About the Past and Present to Guestimate Tomorrow

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For those of us that like to think about the future, there is a whole group of people called The World Future Society or WFS, and in this organization there are people that call themselves Futurists and many of them are consultant to business and government and they are an eclectic and interesting group of people. A good many of them write books, research reports, and articles about the future.

Unlike science fiction authors who write about the future, The Futurists, are writing nonfiction material, and they are serious about what they are doing. Still, if you read many of their books and reports of the past you can see that they didn’t always accurately predict the future or the present period very well. So, what book would I recommend that you read that discusses the future? Well I just read a pretty good one called;

“A Brief History of Tomorrow; the future, past and present,” by Jonathan Margolis; Bloomsbury Publishing, Great Britain; 2000; ISBN: 0-7475-5087-5

The author was quite honest and he even made fun of many futurologists, and science fiction authors who got the future completely incorrect. And although he did make some predictions of the future, at least he was honest enough to say that he didn’t know and that he would probably be wrong, but that what he was suggesting is possible. This is the right way to play it, as it is the honest way to state the facts.

This entire book was packed with information, well footnoted, and a real interesting dialogue and discussion of intellectual value. So, I’d like to recommend this book to you, and I hope you enjoy it as well as I have. Please consider all this.

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